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From coping to improving and accelerating: Supporting teachers in the pandemic and beyond

(Blog disponible en castellano) As education systems emerge from this COVID crisis, it is clear that a new chapter is waiting to be written on teacher training (e.g., increasing investments in remote learning, adopting blended models when schools partially reopen, or creating remedial e-courses), which can help educational systems build back stronger and become more equitable. It is critical to develop teachers’ digital pedagogical skills. These are the skills needed to critically assess and decide when and how to incorporate digital tools, and realistically define their impact to support or enhance learning. This is now more crucial than ever, as teachers who cannot effectively use technology may in the future be replaced (or displaced) by those who can. This post includes +15 country experiences. Better strategies are needed for teacher capacity-building, innovating teacher training methods (virtual coaching) and regular follow-up plans to support the skills developed, using remote tutors & peers.

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