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An innovative large-scale action research in education

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosted the LINC Conference an international gathering of individuals and organizations to talk about and share best practices on current digital learning topics. The LINC event was arranged by MIT’s Office of Digital Learning.The 2016 Conference theme was on Digital Inclusion: Transforming Education through Technology.

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Don’t value what you measure but measure what you value

Pretty much in every country is increasingly common to identify public policies promoting in one way or another the use of information technologies for education. With different purposes, policies or budgets digital technologies have landed in the world of education and it is very likely they are here to stay. Today, are much popular the voices of those who defend and promote the importance of technologies in education than those who sustain a critical position regarding the use of these tools in education, because the later are discredited as change resistant or reactionary. However not everything is either black or white and the impact of ICT in education should be grounded on consistent and reliable evidences.

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#LearningAnalytics, Education, #EdTech and #BigData a Challenging but Attractive Opportunity

The continuous race for incorporating new technology in the education tends to generate a great hope for change. It is well known that digital infrastructure produce expectations that teachers could teach better and students will learn faster.

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Cristóbal Cobo