UNESCO Report: How do you educate in learning to decode the unknown? (Plan Ceibal in Uruguay)

Today we publish a report we prepared for the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE) the evaluation of this education and technology public policy initiative was elaborated for the serie Current and Critical Issues in Curriculum, Learning and Assessment (published in Ginebra, Suiza).

Abstract: Plan Ceibal is a multi-stakeholder public policy programme in education and innovation with an emphasis on the integration of pedagogy and technology in Uruguay. The following outline provides an overview of some of the most critical dimensions as well as methodological approaches pursued by Plan Ceibal, which are implemented in close collaboration with the whole education sector in the country. Some of these initiatives are not only implemented at a national level, but also in collaboration with a network of schools or education-oriented institutions throughout several countries (e.g. New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, Code.org, Design for Change).

This report was elaborated by Cristóbal Cobo and Mariana Montaldo

Keywords: Assessment – Coding – Collaborative Learning – Competencies – Computational Thinking – Critical Skills – Deep Learning – Digital Pedagogies – Digital Tools – Personalized Learning

More information: fundacionceibal.edu.uy

Posted in aprendizaje colaborativo, Education and ICT, futuro, innovación on Nov 23, 2018

Cristóbal Cobo