Can technology help teachers to mitigate the impact of COVID?

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In 2020, World Teachers’ Day, UNESCO celebrated teachers with the theme “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. However, this day is unlike any other. During 2020, teachers are facing challenging times. We accepted this invitiation to recognize the work they do and celebrate the teaching profession worldwide.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and related school closures directly affected about 1.6 billion students from pre-primary to tertiary education, and 63 million teachers of primary and secondary sub-levels alone. It has exacerbated disparities in education provision in both developing and developed countries.

The COVID-19 health crisis created a unique difficult situation for teachers. With little warning and preparation they were required to conduct distance teaching and support remote learning, yet many were unable given the number of households that lack the relevant technology, tools and connectivity to allow pupils/students participate in the distant learning activities.

Many teachers do not have ICT tools at home, even those with access to the internet often lacked the ICT skills and confidence to effectively conduct teaching online. Today teachers and instructional leaders need pedagogical knowledge and skills to be effective in implementing the covid-19 crisis educational measures and post covid-19 education policies.

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Cristóbal Cobo